Escrito por:

Skywalker Payne






Está claro que el storytelling no se puede convertir en una guía paso a paso o un proceso lineal, pues al querer hacerlo perdemos autenticidad y sinceridad en nuestro relato. De todas formas es bueno definir nuestro punto de partida y saber de dónde venimos.  Eso significa entender nuestros orígenes, pues estos a  la larga conforman gran parte de nuestra identidad.

En el siguiente escrito la Storyteller Skylwalker Payne nos regala una historia de vida personal  donde narra de donde viene ella, pues como me lo dejo saber  “La gente quiere saber de qué lugar proviene una persona”. La pieza está realmente bien escrita y cuenta con unas descripciones poderosas. Después de leer un par de líneas una queda completamente enganchado a la narración.  

It is clear that storytelling cannot be converted into a step guide or a linear process, because once we intend to do that, at the same time we lose authenticity and sincerity when telling our tale. Even though, is good to define our starting point and to know where we came from.  That means that we need to understand our origins, which conforms a big part of our identity  

In the next piece Storyteller Skywalker Payne offer us a personal life story, where she narrates her origins.  Like she said to me “people want to know where a person came from”.  The piece is really well written and has some powerful descriptions. After reading a pair of lines you get completely hooked to the narration. With that being said I leave you with her story.    




Storytelling began with my conception. I wasn´t the product of a happy marriage or a one-night stand. Nor am I the product of a tragic rape kept secret. But, the story of my birth has its tragic elements as all love stories do.

The moment Tommie Walker pressed the shutter on his camera, as he photographed a black women´s club in Reno, Nevada in the late 1940´s, his gaze rested on the most strikingly beautiful woman in the room, Ann Elizabeth Glenn. Her slim, oval face was youthful, her brown complexion flawless.  

With long legs, graceful hands, piercing brown eyes and a carefree casualness she was a picture of femininity and sexuality. Her southern, rural openness mixed with an educated intelligent curiosity immediately led her to mesmerize Tommie with long conversations.

As for Ann, she was immediately drawn to this light skinned, slim man with black, naturally straight wavy hair, and a serious intentness she found irresistible. Being the man he was, Tommie told her immediately that he was married, but separated, and had two young sons. Ann didn´t care, at first. She had no intention to fall in love with him. He was pleasant company.  

After a few months Tommie took over a restaurant in Reno. Ann worked with him. They spent most of their time together but didn´t live in the same apartment. He was still married, and routinely returned to California to visit his wife and children. She maintained a sexual magnetism over Tommie, because she got pregnant again and gave birth to another boy. Ann didn´t care. She was still in touch with her high school sweet-heart, Willie Alexander.

But, Tommie and Ann had an intense and loving relationship. Her light creative spirit balanced Tommie´s serious ambitious drive. Ann thought she used reliable birth control until that night a consciousness fell into her womb. A few weeks later, she found she was pregnant.

Even though Ann hadn´t planned to have a baby so soon, she thought Tommie would give her a pretty baby. When he proposed, Ann accepted. She looked forward to a new life with him. Even though she felt uncomfortable with Tommie´s sons, she thought they would grow to accept her. Anyway, they lived with their mother. But, barely six months into her pregnancy, Tommie, sheepishly, sadly informed Ann that his wife was pregnant again by him.

What was a small town country girl to do with that hurt? Ann´s reflex response was to get an abortion but it was too late. So she turned to the person she had planned to marry before Tommie entered her life. She called the wild, handsome, partying, womanizer, Willie, stationed at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

He pledged his eternal love. Yes, he´d be the father to this child conceived out of wedlock. Ann kept the rings Tommie gave her, got on a bus, and moved into the apartment Willie rented. They got married quickly enough for Ann to deliver her fist child at Nellis Air Force Base hospital.

Paula Denise Walker was born on January 6, Three Kings Day. Several decades were to pass before she became known as Skywalker Storyteller.


Skywalker Payne